raise dead

  1. AquaFire

    Mass Raise Dead: How to Select Corpses

    Hello Everyone, I am wanting to create a spell that works like a "Mass Raise Dead." I want it to find all corpses around the caster then raise zombies at each one while getting rid of the corpse. However, I am unable to find a method for selecting unit corpses as a unit group. I have tried two...
  2. GrinGrin

    [Spell] Raise Dead not registering Corpses in a custom unit with Corpse Hold. [SOLVED]

    Sup guys. I've been wracking my brain for a while now, and I just can't seem to understand what's happening. I've been messing around in the Editor, just trying out some different ideas. One of the things that I tried to make is a different type of Supply/Defense building for Undead. It's just...