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  1. Quilboar Buildings.jpg

    Quilboar Buildings.jpg

  2. Icons.png


    All the custom icons for the Quilboar Race, credits to the owners of the custom icons and models use
  3. Althavis

    Quilboar Race just a simple one

    The Quilboar Tribes Created by foje tit "Don't hope too much, well just play" Dowload Here : The Quilboar Tribes Version 1.3 The map is a modified Blasted Lands map from Blizzard Entertainment Tilesets and some texture are relplace Change Creep Camps 14 Red Camps 12 Orange Camps 8 Green...
  4. Mister_Haudrauf

    [Finished] The Creation of a Quilboar Building-Set

    Like the Title says: This is basically a Thread created to discuss and give ideas/feedback about the buildings. The Buildings in question should resemble their Wow appearance with a little Warcraft 3 in it. I have created a Mainbuilding as a 'sort of' Teaser. While i do know of @Edge45's...
  5. Mister_Haudrauf

    [Request] Pictures of Quilboar settlements

    Hello friends; this may be an unusually request, but could someone make Pictures of Quilboar settlements? I try to make quilboar buildings and the only picture i could find on the internet is this. The Picture doesn't really show the buildings closely. So could someone make pictures of this...
  6. Grimhollow

    Fel Quilboar Skin?

    I was about to complete a race for an altered melee. That I don't have a fel quilboar skin. Could you please make one for me?