1. Izzetin

    [Solved] Slash / Pushback Ability help

    Hello Community, Iam looking for a rather generic Spell but i cant figure out how to do this Specific variation of it. I need an Ability (close range, frontal cleave) where the Casting unit Slides slighty towards the Enemy while doing a ''Slash'' effect Attack Animation. If the Enemy infront of...
  2. HerlySQR

    [Solved] I wanna create an ability like force staff of Dota but with an exception

    As I said I wanna create an ability like force staff of Dota (don't have to explain me how to do the push, I know what to do) but I wanna add it an exception, if the unit hits a wall of at least a 2 of height then stops, but if is coming from up to down don't stop but do a fall, if the unit hits...
  3. Amigoltu

    [JASS] A mass push ability questions

    Hello. I've gotten into JASS quite recently, and currently, am working on push/knockback abilities. I think, at least, that I've gotten the hang of the ones for single units, but now, I've been trying to create a boss ability, that knocks all the units away from the caster - a mass...