1. Sawwy

    [General] Auto-attack priority

    Hello, this might be a common problem but nothing I read made me find a solution for this. I don't remember ever experiencing this before, so it's been a really pain for me. I have a map where it spawns creeps for both teams, and these creeps meets in apoint of the map and start attacking it...
  2. JackAcorda


    I have set my each of my unit's priority as follows: Archer = 15 Soldier = 15 Hero = 5 However, the archer and soldier is attacking the hero first even if the hero is late to enter the battlefield. Am I doing something wrong? Should the priority of the Hero be higher than the others so that the...
  3. TheAyalalalalon

    [Trigger] Attacking priority GUI Trigger

    Hello I am trying to finish this trigger that should make certain units(buildings in this case) stop from attacking heros and change the objective of the order to another random non hero unit in their range My problem is that i can not create the action nohero attack Events Unit -...
  4. Lions_Blood

    Looking for MakeMeHost Mappers Priority Account HELP

    Hello, i am a professional map maker looking for help within the HiveWorkshop Community. My current project that is still being developed is ZDC or Zombie Defense Custom. It is extremely popular when hosted but can rarely be updated due to a lack of hosting. I'd like to point out that ENT is...
  5. Marebre

    [General] How do neutral hostile units choose their target

    I am not sure I'm posting this in the right forum, but here it goes: How do neutral hostile units (aka creeps), or, for that matter, computer-controlled player units choose their attack target if surrounded by more than one enemy? Do they check armor, level, type (building, unit, Hero, ward...