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  1. Thepriest1750

    [Trigger] Swap a unit with another units position (Change position of unit)

    Hello, I am looking for a way to make a "Tower Swap" ability for my Tower Defense game. Just swapping / changing the location with the currently selected unit/tower with a unit/tower that is being clicked on and swap / change their positions with 1/2 time usage. I created a unit named "swap...
  2. HerlySQR

    When you create a texttag and set its position on a unit what is its height?

    And can you tell me of what depends?
  3. SpiritTauren

    [General] Dialog menu repositioning

    Hey, what would be the easiest solution, if I want simply to re-position the dialog button menu? I don't want any custom frames (unless it's the best/only way), etc. Is there any in-game/editor/interface constants option to slide the interface axis? I didn't find any, and the forum search...
  4. Bubo

    Help Rotating Spawned Units

    Im looking for help regarding rotating units from one area to an other where they need to keep their position but be able to rotate how they are positioned. I've looked around on the internet and haven't found a solution and I've also experimented around for a long time now and cant figure it...
  5. loktar

    Camera Field icons

    I just uploaded a new version of Importless Model Viewer (map) which includes a camera control interface. Right now I'm using these icons: Which are edited from this one and this one. They're for: Field of View Position XPosition YHeight Offset (Z)Distance Rotation (XY)Angle of Attack...
  6. Ofel

    Parabola in 3D

    How do I find the length of x and y? I have a projectile that move by 30 on every iteration towards target but I want to apply that 30 to the parabola plane instead to the line straight to the target. I used this function to make the arc projection: function Parabola takes real h, real d, real...
  7. SoooK

    Random ability positions in a spell book

    First time I want to use a spell book. I want the abilities in it to be in specific positions of the UI. I edited their x;y coordinates accordingly, but each time I load the map, all abilities are randomly placed somewhere at x;0! Is there a way to fix this?
  8. DeMoN100

    Unit Recreation at position of Dying Unit

    Hello there, I am trying to create specific units in a unit group to be revived at the position of their death. As you see player 12 brown are my citizens when they are attacked they change to dark green which is my evil force to fight back. I have this part working now where I am stuck here...