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  1. Blahblah_Blagar

    [Trigger] Autocastable dispellable Poison

    Should be a very simple thing to do For quite a while I've been trying to figure out how to create an autocastable dispellable poison (a very simple debuff that drains life as long as it's active). I've been screwing around with the premade spells such as parasite and inner fire (with negative...
  2. bruunk

    [Solved] Need help with custom poison cloud ability

    So I have been trying to get this ability to work for a couple of days now. I cannot figure out a few things and it's possible that I'm going at it the wrong way. The goal of the ability is to have a cloud of poisonous smoke. While units are within the radius they have a chance to miss and take...
  3. SgtKenny94

    Making Hero Lose HP Over Time by Item

    Hello all, I have just started using the Reforged Warcraft editor and am loving it so far. I have some basic coding skills and level design skills but am very new to it. I'm trying to make an item that has a big damage increase buff, but halves the heroes max HP when they have said item. * Im...
  4. Celso Luis

    Need help with a spell!!!

    I don't know if this topic are in the right place, but i really need a help with this spell that i'm trying to create. I want to combine "Web" (activated undead ability) with slow poison, the idea are that every unit affected by Web loses hit point over time. This will be an Hero ability of a...
  5. Reinhold

    [Spell] Armor for a few seconds

    Poison Protection Events Time - Every 10.00 seconds of game time Conditions (Level of Poison Protection for (Summoning unit)) Greater than 0 (Unit-type of (Summoning unit)) Equal to Poison Elemental Actions Unit - Add Armor Increase to (Summoning...
  6. Haxerflaxer

    [Spell] Hero ability AoE & DoT

    Hi! I've just started using the editor to create some fun maps for me and my friends and so far it's going great; except one encounter, which I seem to be unable to do and can't find any solutions on the world wide web. I'm trying to create an ability for a hero which is more or less like the...