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  1. Crusad3r91

    [Solved] Building is not created on specified point

    Greetings everyone, I've been attempting to create a trigger that, essentially, searches the map for specific markers (based on Circle of Power) on initialization and then forms a base around them. It works fairly well, all things considered, but the problem lies in how buildings are placed...
  2. TyDieGuy99

    [Spell] Points and Unit Groups

    So I have a trigger where it takes every unit within X of a point(position of casting unit) and adds them to a unit group. This is followed by creating a special effect at the position of each unit in the unit group. For the purpose of eliminating leaks. How would I assign a point(or type of...
  3. Leods

    [Trigger] Hungry, thirst, fatigue and disease sistem

    Estoy creando un sistema sobre estos cuatro pilares, con uniones entre ellos. No sé si es la sección correcta (noob en Hive) Por lo tanto, si no es así, pida a los moderadores que la pasen a la sección correcta. Continuemos con esto, habiendo ya aclarado lo básico. Hambriento: esto es fácil...