player color

  1. Prometheus3375

    Preparing menu color bug

    It is possible to set any color for a player using //! inject config in preparing menu. But there is a problem. Consider next code. It works well if flag "Fixed Player Settings" in forces properties is not set. But if you set this flag, everything breaks. First player must have blue...
  2. Adorm

    [Solved] Is it possible to limit Unit Construction based on Player Slot/Color?

    Hey Guys, Was wondering if it was possible to limit the construction of a Unit, let's say a Grunt for example, based on the Player Color/Slot. This would be so that Factions can only access their own special units, but from the same Barracks. Is this a possibility through the Editor's...
  3. Adorm

    [Solved] Limiting Unit Construction based on Player Color

    Hey Guys, Is there a way to limit unit construction based on player color? Preferably not through triggers but rather through the Object Editor? Similar to how in some Maps such as Greece you have Special Unit upgrades depending on faction, yet are built in the same building. Or is this not...
  4. Firestar.

    Color(ed) (Player) Names

    Okay, so I always play games and stuff, and when it has a text that has a player name, It says like, "Player name" just got owned by "player name", and the player name is in their team color...I know that you need variables and stuff, but I don't get it, so when I have my text it says it with...