pixel art

  1. TD_PRO_2006

    [Development] Valley of Decay: Standalone

    Hello dear hive people! :) I am the creator of Valley of Decay Rpg. In case you don't know it yet, here is the link: Valley of Decay Rpg v1416d I am developing a java game for about 3 years now. Its multiplayer, it's Java standalone, it's without any limits. Main features are an ingame auction...
  2. Mistablockout

    Request for Animated Forum Icon

    Hello everyone, I read through the rules for this forum and I did not see anything for requesting, so here I go! Size: 150-200 px by 150-200 px Type: Pixel Art Style: All my Heroes of the Storm Pixel Art sprites so... - Marti Makes things. In this kind of style and err -- "bounciness" -- I...