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pick every unit

  1. SoooK

    [Solved] Help me understand loops and actions per unit in group

    I don't understand: For each (Integer INT) from a to b, do (Actions) Unit Group - Pick every unit in GROUP and do (Actions) I think, that every action inside a "For each INT from a to b do (Actions)"-loop, is executed for the current value of INT, then INT gets increased by 1 and repeats all...
  2. LazyKnight

    [Solved] [Spell] Pick all Units in front of Caster within a square?

    Hi there. I'm trying to make a spell which could damage all units in front of Caster and push them all back, thus I need to pick all units in front of Caster within a square. I've searched the forum and just get some result related to "front" & "sector", yet I need the square. I know we could...
  3. Deserted

    [Spell] My trigger fails to pick a unit

    A wrote a simple (as I thought) trigger, that was expected to add some Ice Novas during Blizzard. I'm creating 2 dummies that periodicaly cast Ice Novas at enemies at cast point. Now I need to stop Ice Novas from being casted as soos as AM stops casting Blizzard. I decided to simply remove...
  4. TheAyalalalalon

    [Trigger] Move units in range to a point with an animation

    So i made a skill that moves all enemy units in range to a point but i want this trigger to be a bit animated instead of instatly move. Detener Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Custom Ability Actions...