1. Asssssvi's Arthas model Makeover

    Asssssvi's Arthas model Makeover

    Just toyed in photoshop with a screenshot of his Arthas model:, tried to change the face proportions inspired by the face of Murlocogist's Arthas model:
  2. Sapprine

    [Solved] Free Photoshop Service Request Thread

    Hello, I'm Quinten and I am super bored waiting for new World of Warcraft content. I'm doing a college course on Grahpic Design and I just love photoshopping in my free time, but never have inspiration. That's why I am offering free unlimited photoshop requests to anyone, right here on Hive...
  3. Classic Warcraft III Style Custom World Map

    Classic Warcraft III Style Custom World Map

    A little something I puzzled together by sampling pieces of Blizzard's loading screens together with some WoW map icons. It's for a story I'm writing, but I doubt it'll ever actually become a Custom Campaign...
  4. Cheshire

    looking for good tutorials for Adobe PS and AI

    hey there, I would be really greatful for someone to point me towards some good starter tutorials for the above. I'm just getting started and the adobe tutorials I have seen do far were not so great. thanks!
  5. RadioTower Terrain

    RadioTower Terrain

    The final result of the terraining attempt I did! There's only so much I could hope to accomplish with War3's rendering alone considering my amateur knowledge when it comes to terraining. So I finished everything else through post-processing in photoshop
  6. Barorque

    WarCraft III Reforged - Icon Template

    UPDATED Full tutorial now here: [2D Art] - Full Icon Tutorial (Reforged) + ¨tool¨
  7. Sapprine

    Photoshop-Enhanced Drustvar Reforged Beta Pics + Thoradin's Wall Bonus image

    All of these images were enhanced in Photoshop, but who can blame me? Reforged has very poor lighting, no shadows, fog doesn't work, sky boxes are tiny and the resolution of the Editor looks blurry as heck. All of this, and the map borders don't even display properly, low framerate and the...
  8. Maelstrom - Custom Loading Screen

    Maelstrom - Custom Loading Screen

    photoshopping loading screen requests Interested? Contact me on discord: Sapprine#8332
  9. Second

    Traditional to Digital... A Question.

    Hello! I have quite practiced my skill with traditional drawing and painting for about, a couple of years now. I'm not great yet, and I've convinced myself that I still have a lot to go through. And in that regard, I want to learn how to color my sketches through a digital media (like PS). I...
  10. Drawing Practice

    Drawing Practice

    For the Time Lapse Video: For my Instagram Page:
  11. stonneash

    Open Source: Icons' Who wore it better

    Well, I am unsatisfied with the quality of some of the blizzard icons, some of them are just screenshots of the models which, under my standard, bad I'm not very good at making icons but I will give it a shot. I will try and attach PSD files for each file below. Enjoy ;o
  12. Mr.Goblin

    Free Photoshop Brush Packs

    -=FREE PHOTOSHOP BRUSH PACKS=- This is a list of free photoshop brush packs used and shared by profesionnal artists. I will be updating this list from time to time. Stay put! More are to come! ArtistLinkArtistLinkDan LuvisiMaciej KurciaraHouston SharpBastien Lecouffe DeharmeYunior GuerraAaron...