1. Ricola3D

    [Solved] Dummy question : spellbook + permanent abilities

    Hello, I have read many tutorials about spellbooks, but I am still unsure about something. If a made a disabled spellbook to hide a passive ability to a unit, and some of the units may morph. To make the hidden ability permanent, i.e. not lost when morphing, do I have to ? 1. Make both the...
  2. SoooK

    [Solved] Morphing a unit removes spell book abilities.

    How do I prevent this? I found this: The mysteries of the Spellbook Can someone explain to me, how to make abilities permanent?
  3. zachhandley

    [Spell] Added Permanent Invis, Unable to Delete

    Hi all, Bit of a weird problem I have a spell that creates an area of toxic gas -- Inside that gas the unit becomes invisible, only showing while attacking or casting a spell (permanent invisibility), if they leave the area the permanent invisibility gets removed (works 100%, even if he...