periodic event

  1. Gumberbunbder

    Why does this trigger destroy FPS

    Hello, is there a way I can make a trigger with the same function as the one below that doesn't take away 15-20 fps? I don't know too much about triggers and really nothing about jass. Should i change it so the floating text moves to a point instead of a unit and make TempPoint variable which I...
  2. GoldenBud

    Simple Question about Multiple periodic triggers

    Hey all, so my question is simple. My map is a maze/dodge/slide and I use ALOT of Loops, in quite a few different periodic triggers that are running .03-.1 sec simultaneously. Most of them have quite a bit of code and almost always consist of loops with ITE's that contain more than one...
  3. sjs333

    [Solved] Periodic Event causes memory leaks??

    Hello to all kind guys...I have a stupid question here... I use this method to create the timer of my map...and can this causes memory leak? My game's players often disconnect from my map so I check all my triggers that has periodic event...and now I noticed for this trigger but I m not confirm...
  4. Unregret

    [Solved] World Edit/Trigger Editor - Lagging Problem - Skills based on Periodic Event

    Basically, those skills are leakless and simple. But if I use similar skills based on Period Event at the same time, the map will gonna be lag seriously. I really appreciate if someone can find a new method which works similarly to those skills but without lagging problem, of course. For...