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  1. AngelCraft

    An Unit Immune to Stuns and certain effects, using PauseUnit.

    Previously, from what I knew in previous versions of Warcraft 3, before Blizzard gave the BlzPauseUnitEx feature, units could be immune to certain stuns using morph, mainly this is demonstrated in Dota 1 with the hero Alchemist and his transformation. But was there really just that way to make a...
  2. Tahazzar

    Setting up a real-time with pause system

    Hi! I would like to have a "real-time with pause" system in my map/campaign where the player can pause the game, issue commands for units, and then unpause the game after that. So I'm thinking something in the vein of Baldur's Gate and the like. To me it seems like this game engine should...
  3. cyberend

    [Trigger] GUI Left Click Mouse Down Event Error with Unit Pause

    Hi, I would like to request assistance regarding the mouse down button. I have an error where the unit i paused does not unpause at the end of the code line when using skills triggered by mouse down button. After clicking the left mouse button I would order a unit to cast an ability. The...
  4. atab

    [Solved] Unit expiration timer (Pause/Unpause)

    Hi everyone, First, sorry if this question already have been answered :/ When a necromancer summon a skeleton warrior, i want that, when he stands on blight, his expiration timer stop. pause Events Time - Every 2.00 seconds of game time Conditions Actions Unit Group - Pick...
  5. RobertMKD

    Pausing a unit

    I know there's lots of threads for pausing units, but have somebody found a way to successfully pause a unit without any bugs yet? I've tried to pause a unit by stunning it (I've accepted the fact that there has to be a "Stunned" buff) and removing the pause effect above the head of the unit...