1. cleavinghammer

    Edit a model's pathing map?

    Is there a way to edit pathing maps in-editor? Specifically, the Tree Bridge destructible's pathing blocks passage when alive and allows passage parallel to itself when dead, I want it to allow passage perpendicular to itself when alive and parallel when dead. Essentially, go from this...
  2. TheFireMage

    Program for editing and creating pathing maps

    Hello everyone, I want to make a pathing map but I need a photo editing program that can read and convert image to tga, and I've used Paint for painting along with Warcraft 3 Viewer for converting the textures but it did not work. The game could not read the file. I tried another way by...
  3. Uncle

    [Solved] Creating a building inside of another building (Placement Requirement visual issue)

    Edit: Here's the solution i'm going with now. Using dummy units for every type of Shop would be a lot easier than this workaround, but I don't want dummy units. Will hiding/unhiding units like this cause any issues? It appears to work fine ingame. Select Shop Copy Events Player -...