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  1. Gorgrond

    [HD/Modeling] Long lost WoW Doodad Packs, they still exist?

    Hello there! So I hope I am posting this in the right place. Basically I am looking for some long lost World of Warcraft Doodad packs, if I am not wrong one of them was from Outlands and the other from Northrend. The one from Outlands was the Zangarmarsh Doodad pack, the other was the Borean...
  2. Yohandryg99

    change interface, change powers using metamorphosis and buttons to select race

    Hello, I know that surely there should already be posts, about this but as it is half complicated to get I would like to ask, since I have certain circumstances that I would like to achieve. 1 how do I get a selection menu to start the game, that when pressed you can create a race? that is to...
  3. LifeguardLeroy

    Icon pack submissions rules confusing and clunky.

    Recently been trying to submit icon packs that have intentional slight variations in them. These icon must be in a pack too upload (not talking about the difference BTN, DIBTN) IE skill tomes that have variations in levels too indicate spell or skill ranks. I intend on making more Icons that...