1. BrothForMyPeople

    Lock Camera Orientation for Player's Unit = Black Screen

    I've made this trigger with Event: Map Initialization and when I test my map, everything is black, nothing is seen. I tried with locking camera target first too, but it doesn't work either. I have no idea why it occurs. I was doing this simple trigger sometimes and I never had any problem.
  2. Ofel

    Operating special effect orientation

    Hello guys I'm back wrestling with special effect, now with the orientation. I used this library: library OrientEffect //============================================================================================ //OrientEffect by Cyclotrutan...
  3. Ofel

    Special effect orientation with offset

    How to make an effect face an angle with offset to its roll and pitch? For example, an effect's 3D orientation is facing a unit's head, but I want to make it face a little up and a little left of it's current orientation (pitch and roll). And what is the formula to set an effect facing (the...
  4. Ofel

    Dealing with special effect orientation (new functions)

    I would like to use special effect as my projectile missile rather than dummy unit. The problem here is about the orientation. I used this to change the dummy unit orientation: function SetUnitPitch takes unit targetUnit, real pitch returns nothing local integer i = R2I(pitch * bj_RADTODEG...