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  1. HerlySQR

    Targetable ability that considers if the target has full mana

    Hello, I wanna know if there is an ability with target that don't cast if the target has full mana, I know that I can check and stop the caster with triggers, but I wanna do the check in the exact moment the order is issued, to the function IssueTargetOrderById returns me true or false.
  2. Jaccouille

    [Wurst] issuePointOrderId failing on some spells

    So I got a spell which I want to be dummyCasted, the dummycast was failing, upon further investigation and testing other abilities, by creating a unit, give him the abilities and using issuePointOrder to cast, I realized some of them ended up in failure. This actually happens on a big ass map I...
  3. Lord_Earthfire

    [Trigger] Is it possible to make a unit ignore a specific given order?

    Hello there, As my search unfortunally haven't brought anything, i try to tickle the hive-mind if someone got an idea to solve the particular problem: The situation: There are multiple occasions where i would like to give out an order without really ordering the unit to move, like ordering a...
  4. Deserted

    What exactly happens when Invisibility is being cast on a unit?

    When a sorceress casts Invisibility on a unit, it is forced to stop attacking in some special way. I want to do the same via triggers. Is this possible?
  5. DracoL1ch

    Orders repo

    Since it's hard enough to find for newbies constant integer ORDER_wandillusion=852274 constant integer ORDER_absorb=852529 constant integer ORDER_acidbomb=852662 constant integer ORDER_acolyteharvest=852185 constant integer ORDER_AImove=851988 constant integer...