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orc units

  1. KakorinVonSteam

    [Solved] Generic Chaos Troll Skin

    Hey guys! KvS here, I was searching for a generic chaos/fel troll skin for my campaign, but I can't find any on the Skins section. I looked in The Great Troll Pack bundle from shiik as it contains many chaos troll skins, but I can't download the generic skins which were what I was looking for...
  2. Victory For The Horde - Camp

    Victory For The Horde - Camp

    Close shot on the dark portal encampment. Bleeding Hollow, Black Tooth Grin and Blackrock Guards of the Dark Portal on the Hellfire peninsula side.
  3. Victory For The Horde- Dark Portal Revamped.

    Victory For The Horde- Dark Portal Revamped.

    Revamped the dark portal map after many, many trials.
  4. loktar

    Spearman (WC1) Icon

    I need an icon for the Spearman (WC1). Usually I edit a Blizz icon, but there aren't really any that are suitable. It needs to fit the WC3 style in general, and the icons in [Altered Melee] - WC3: Orcs & Humans specifically. Would be nice if it resembles the original WC1 icon a bit, but it's...
  5. BogdanKry

    Orc spearmen.

    Does somebody have models of orc spearmen from project Dawn of Chaos or from Warcraft Orc and Humans remake. I know that they are the same. I mean that I need only this model.
  6. jk4t63p4f

    [Solved] empty

  7. jk4t63p4f


  8. DD Mikasa

    Orcs to stronk?!

    Yeah yeah i get it...Orcs are the laughing stock of this project,but hear me out on this one before you hit that next button. Lately, i decided to go on a nostalgia trip and play all 4 projects(+ the true love map xD) just for shits and giggles,I mean i had free time...Spending it by screaming...