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  1. deepstrasz

    [Template / Terrain] Unfinished maps - open source

    I had some ideas for some nice maps but I won't be working on them anymore. They've gathered dust for years now. They're mostly terrains and ideas rather than fully playable. I'll start first with those already uploaded on the site in Maps: Now, the stuff I attached here: Anyways, hope some...
  2. FTFD Release Screenshot

    FTFD Release Screenshot

    Test map available here:
  3. GabeValentine

    [Life of a Peasant] Medieval Villagers Open Source Project

    Medieval Villagers: Open Source Project       Progress Log LAST UPDATED 05/03/19 ____________________________________________________________________________________ Updated Map Description: You're a peasant, living in a dangerous medieval province. What will your story be? Become a champion...
  4. Sulfar

    Open Sourcing Medieval villagers

    Hello Hive, I'm the creator of Medieval villagers, some of you might know it. For those who don't its some kind of mash-up of LOAP, Werewolf Trans and Village Builder. The current situation is as follows: I don't really have time to develop maps for w3 anymore so I decided to make the source of...