1. Kakorin(KvS)

    [Defense / Survival] Dreadlord Hero Defense

    Hello dear HIVE, this is my first try at a Castle Defense, the map's called Defensa de la Ciudadela / Defense of the Citadel as a WIP name bc i tried to create a simple castle defense to play with my brother, the map is currently in spanish and was made in 1.27b version, I do have Reforged but I...
  2. Amigoltu

    Patch back? Future of modding?

    Hello all. I believe it is safe to say now, that... Reforged is a lost cause. It may have been supremely silly of me, but I had one last little hope, that fully released Reforged would, almost magically, be actually good, unlike the BETA. But it seems, that it is just as bad as the majority of...