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old warcraft

  1. Onnane

    Missing an old map... What's the name ?!

    Heyo boys (& girls?). Ikr that most of people won't understand me (sry for my english) but maybe a lost soul would like to help me Okay, i'm playin' WAR3 since 16 years now, and i've played a LOT of maps, a real bunch of. One of them was a dungeon crawler like Tomb of Jarahcon, but I...
  2. Risk™Master

    Advanced Building Tab for older Warcraft 3 program

    So, I am trying to make a Warcraft 2 map in Warcraft 3. I have finished working on the oil, but I need help with the advanced buildings tab. I found another thread about this, but when I tried to download and open the map provided, it was from a newer Warcraft 3 version and crashed my World...