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  1. Ogre Stone Thrower Icon in-game.jpg

    Ogre Stone Thrower Icon in-game.jpg

    I recently made icon for the "Ogre Stone Thrower Model". Here is how it looks in-game.
  2. Warhost Heroes

    Warhost Heroes

    - Warchief - Slavemaster (Summons: Enslaved dead) - Jujumancer (Morphs into: Avatar of the Loa) - Ogre Magi (Morphs into: Twilight form) - Trade Prince (Summons: Pocket Factory - Clockwork Goblin / Morphs into: Mecha Prince)
  3. Art of War - Dark Horde Army

    Art of War - Dark Horde Army

  4. Art of War - Dark Horde Techtree

    Art of War - Dark Horde Techtree

  5. You're Perfect

    You're Perfect

    While the ogre sisters play a very small role in HoS plot, I could not resist.
  6. Ogres of Draenor

    Ogres of Draenor

    What remains of the Gorian Empire after the fall of Highmaul.
  7. Ogre lords

    Ogre lords

  8. old_gil

    [HD/Modeling] Fel Trolls and Fel Ogres

    I always thought it was kind of dumb how in outland all the orcs are transformed into giant spikey demon orcs, but there are no sign of any Fel Forest Trolls or any Fel Ogres. Let's be honest, I think everybody would like to see some demon trolls running around. I've tried to do it myself but...
  9. Dancing Ogre

    Dancing Ogre

    My laptop died yesterday, on a borrowed laptop now and probably lost a map project I spent over 170hrs on So I made something funny to kill the time and cheer myself up a little
  10. carlmb1

    [SD/Modeling] Ogre and tauren Model request

    Hello guys! I am in need of the following models for my campaign: Ogre direhorn rider Ogre dragon rider Female ogre magi unit Female ogre magi hero Tauren kodo rider Tauren wyvern rider Will give rep or willing to donate via paypal. Thank you in advance.
  11. Stonemaul Ogre Magi

    Stonemaul Ogre Magi

  12. Stonemaul Ogre Battle Magi

    Stonemaul Ogre Battle Magi

  13. Stonemaul Ogre Warchief

    Stonemaul Ogre Warchief

  14. Stonemaul Ogre Warchief Alternate

    Stonemaul Ogre Warchief Alternate

  15. Ogre Lord Alternate

    Ogre Lord Alternate

  16. Ogre Lord

    Ogre Lord

  17. Ogre Hunter

    Ogre Hunter

  18. Ogre Battle Magi

    Ogre Battle Magi

  19. Ogre Magi

    Ogre Magi

  20. Stonemaul Ogre Hunter

    Stonemaul Ogre Hunter

  21. Stonemaul Ogre Warrior

    Stonemaul Ogre Warrior

  22. Ogre Mauler (Alternate Version)

    Ogre Mauler (Alternate Version)

  23. Ogre Mauler

    Ogre Mauler

  24. Ogre Warrior

    Ogre Warrior

  25. stein123

    Add weapon to model

    Hey! i edited the One headed ogre made by sellenisko: OgreOneHeaded, to use it as an ogre mage, i removed both weapons, and deleted some anims i won't use, the weapon i want to add him is this: Orcish Staff , so the result would be this (this is photoshop btw): If someone can do it i would be...
  26. Mok'Nathal Warrior (3rd variation)

    Mok'Nathal Warrior (3rd variation)

    available here : https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/moknathal-warrior-3-variations.326267/
  27. Mok'Nathal Warrior (2nd variation)

    Mok'Nathal Warrior (2nd variation)

    available here : https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/moknathal-warrior-3-variations.326267/
  28. Mok'Nathal Warrior (1st variation)

    Mok'Nathal Warrior (1st variation)

    available here : https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/moknathal-warrior-3-variations.326267/
  29. Mok'Nathal Chaman

    Mok'Nathal Chaman

    available here : https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/moknathal-chaman.326268/
  30. Mok'nathal clan

    Mok'nathal clan

    Warrior available here : https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/moknathal-warrior-3-variations.326267/ Chaman available here : https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/moknathal-chaman.326268/
  31. Melee_Units_Races_Size_Comparison_WarCraft_First_War_Memorium


    Melee units of the 7 races in 'First War Memorium', sorted by size. Ogres and Demons train single big units, all other races train squads of 6.
  32. When_Ogres_Cook_Warcraft_First_War_Memorium_Warhammer_Butcher


    Model for Ogre Cooking Pot. Base model is 'FirePitCauldron20' ('Cauldron over the Fire') by MiniMage. Replaced the pot with the pot from Dionesiist's 'OgreBtucher'. Added birth animation of Healing Totem and death anim of Medivh's Spellbook (using MatrixEater). Made for 'First War Memorium' addon.
  33. Ogre_Icon_Buttons_Unit_Roster_Tech (First_War_Memorium_WarCraft_3)

    Ogre_Icon_Buttons_Unit_Roster_Tech (First_War_Memorium_WarCraft_3)

    Some icons. The centaur icon is actually used for an Ogre unit that has a similar face and helmet. The top left & top right icons are made by me. Bottom left is an edit of Dionesiist's 'BTNButcher'. 2nd icon 2nd row by Scias, bottom right by takakenji. WIP of Ogre Faction for "First War Memorium".
  34. Standhaft

    Custom Armies Test Request

    So I've made a map for the purposes of learning AI in the sort of scenario I want to learn it in. (Custom campaign style armies with an AI ally and AI enemies that fight each other with the player helping the friendly AI beat the hostile AI.) However, in preparation for learning custom AI...
  35. Ogron


    A simple texture edition of the Ogron (Breaker) of Mister_Haudrauf.