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  1. Joel Sánchez

    Need help with WC3 reforged mdx conversion

    Hello guys, I´m "new" I was here long time ago (like 2005) but forgot my previous email. I want to ask for your help, I´m trying to convert an .mdx model of a warden hero that I got from the internet but I´ve been trying a lot in the last weeks and I don´t stop getting errors from the .mdx file...
  2. Kilthunox

    Exporting WC3 Models to .Obj Files.

    Hi everybody! I'm working at getting some models out of Warcraft so I can 3D print them. So far I have used the Model viewer to extract them. Then a .MDX to .obj converter that works well. The only issue is I can only seem to get the default freeze frame animation exported. Which is kind of a...