new race

  1. SentenceXx

    [Altered Melee] New Kul'Tiras Race

    Hello! The Real Scale Warcraft I mentioned a few days ago.. Well I delayed it for a while because I was focus on making another project. New Kul'Tiras. Yes that's the name with "New" because this Kul'Tiras is a bit different than Proudmoore's Kul'Tiras in Bonus Campaign in TFT. It is a bit more...
  2. Areoshivax

    New race suggestion

    is it possible to create a new race like in Army Men RTS? i know this is lore breaking... but lets just say some portal has open blah blah blah magic and stuff happens and then characters from Army men are sent into azeroth then they fight build base something like that...but in a balance way...
  3. Zephyrius2412

    Problem with Tech Tree / Dependency

    Hello ! I'm big fan of the World Editor but I've some problems. I'm creating a set of new races, I wanted to add my new heroes, town halls and altars in the game constants in their respective equivalent dependency type (Equivalent dependency - Altars/Town Halls/Heroes). 1) When I train one of...