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neutral units

  1. hugonh

    [Variety] Map

    I would like to know if its possible and suggest to add some neutral units, like a camp with some hero lvl 15 with massive heigh. Its boring always same units in neutrals, maybe randomize camps! Thanks!
  2. Hankxiety

    [Trigger] Garrison into neutral building and change ownership

    In my map, neutral buildings are taken over by garrisoning a player's unit inside. Emphasis is on commandeering existing structures. Building or repairing will be time and resource-intensive by design. The solution I've worked out is susceptible to abuse and another avenue is needed. The Big...
  3. plazma019

    How to make neutral passive attacks neutral hostile?

    How can I make neutral passive attacks hostile it encounters?
  4. Marebre

    [General] How do neutral hostile units choose their target

    I am not sure I'm posting this in the right forum, but here it goes: How do neutral hostile units (aka creeps), or, for that matter, computer-controlled player units choose their attack target if surrounded by more than one enemy? Do they check armor, level, type (building, unit, Hero, ward...