neutral hostile

  1. WidescreeN

    [Trigger] Neutral Hostile Units gain health if unengaged

    I've done my best and I can't get it to work, I need that every 30 seconds it checks if any neutral hostile units are attacking or being attacked and if they are not, they gain an ability that recovers them to full health, and if they are, the ability is removed. This is what I have, i dont know...
  2. Cheshire

    [Trigger] really weird bug with "replace unit" on creeps

    hey, So I made a spell that issues an order to the target -at lev 1 to move to a random point, and at lev2,3 to attack a random enemy of the caster . I also added to lev 3 of the spell "replace unit" so it would also take the target unit out of any control groups its in (with help from...
  3. bruunk

    [Spell] Neutral Hostile units don't respond to dummycasters damage

    Hi, So, for instance, I have a spell that will summon 3 dummycasters and shoot out what's basically carrion swarm(which uses point targeting). However, and I have found this to happen with most dummycaster abilities, if used on neutral hostile units the damage will affect them but they will not...