1. El Saif

    [General] Modifying stats using other stats

    There's many natives that allow us to change more of unit's stat than before like, base attack, armor, etc. right now. I'd like to figure out how to properly do it, for example there is one item in new Released game LoL Wild Rift that increases armor by percentage of the unit's mana. Or maybe i...
  2. El Saif

    Trigger how to check if unit has any ability

    Usually, to see if a unit has a spesific ability or not, we're using trigger like 'Level of Thunder Clap greater than or equal to 0'. Here, i wonder how to check does a unit have ANY ability or not. I believe it has something to do with ability id. In my mind, we'll do something like check the...
  3. El Saif

    [General] Correct ways to use new natives

    So, i've been confused about how to use some of new natives we got. Especially those Ability Mana and Cooldown parts. I tried using them on trigger like when the unit starts the effect on an ability, periodic timer, etc. But it seems doesn't really work at all. Anybody knows why? Or i missing...
  4. JC Helas

    Blz natives

    lovable natives but do you guys honor to use it?