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mpq editor

  1. tolist85

    [Trigger] Error: There was an error trying to load selected maps. The map is missing or unaviable.

    Hello there, i deleted Human01.w3m file to make custom campaign for WC 3 RoC in Ladiks MPQ Editor. I added my custom Human01.w3m file. But it didn't work. Unavaible or missing error then i added orginal Human01.w3m file then I got same missing or unaviable error. What should ı do? when adding...
  2. R_Reaper

    Basic (existing) abilities and spell modding (data fields) in MPQ

    Hi all! I run some turns in the staff contact where to put this thread: hopefully this is the proper place. I wish to get help how to edit and modify basic (existing by base) abilities and spells in MPQ. Means: game MPQ -> NOT the map MPQ! In a more concrete way: which data fields used by...
  3. HolyPaladin

    Need a little help...

    So I tried changing the Grunt's model for the Burning Blade's Grunt model using MPQ Editor, but for some reason it just doesn't appear in game, can somebody give me a hand? (Yes, this is probably a novice question and yes, replacing the game archives is a bad move, but it's just something that I...