mountain king

  1. Thiiago

    Just an simples Mountain King with Crossbow in attack animation.

    I need just a Mountain King with an crossbow and animation of attack with an crossbow, dont need the same in "avatar" form.. i dont use "avatar form" in my map.. Someone can help-me please? ;-;
  2. EhrGhoul

    Death Knight Muradin

    I need a mountain king with some changes: 1. His armor must have a texture of the death knight's one. 2. He must have a pale face and a gray beard. 3. He must hold in his left hand an axe with the textures of death knight's armor, and in his right hand he must hold Frostormorn.
  3. Thiiago

    Riders please :c

    I just need two riders for my army. An rider Dwarf and an Orc. - Dwarf: the dwarf can use this mount (Hero_Dwarven Ramrider), but i need an Mountain King mounted, can do? :/ but the Ram is this.. - Orc: the orc i need an normal War3 Grunt, mounted in an normal War3 Timber Wolf just this. The...