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  1. Xaidin

    Changing File Path of Custom Models

    When I'm in the asset manager (which I guess is the new import manager?) I can't double-click or right click and modify file properties of .blp files to change them to the correct path for the corresponding models. Has anyone had this issue and know a fix?
  2. Spinns

    Missing models on The Hive Workshop?

    Hi all. I have played Darwin's map "Battle For Tatooine" and I noticed there had a TIE Fighter model and AT-AT model. I looked everywhere on Hive and couldn't find them. Could anyone perhaps know where to find them?
  3. the.BIT

    Need models Scool Hogwarts and students

    Please, help me? I`m need models many animation. I am easy speak english... :vw_unimpressed: