modelling problem

  1. Petr Čermák

    Model not showing up (Used Retera studios)

    Hi, first off i am not experienced in modelling or editing, this is one of my first ones. Now to the problem, i wanted to make armored grunt for the orcs, so i used thralls basic model and added animations from bandit enforcer. Now in retera, models and animations look fine, but both in editor...
  2. TheBarmyBrit

    Model unable to animate, please help

    I am new to modelling for Warcraft 3 after years of experience with Blender. I managed to import the model just fine, however, I am unable to transfer animations to the model, nor work out how to animate it from scratch. Can anyone please direct me to how to do either of these, please assist me...
  3. Rakhall

    Texturing Problems please help me!

    I was trying to make custom skins for characters, but when I used them in-game, it didn't turn out well. The problem is, that after I import it as a blp file, it works in the Wc3model editor, but when I put the character in-game it doesn't shows the customized part... either they turn invisible...