1. magusrog

    Custom Models in Warcraft Reforged

    Hi guys, I have a question, can you place custom models in Warcraft3 Reforged? just like in the previous Warcraft? Thanks
  2. SentenceXx

    [HD/Modeling] Black Legion

    I have heard about the new human race called "Black Legion" made by johnwar. I downloaded the models and icons, and used them for my map. (Crediting johnwar for the models and icons ofcourse) I only need the black legion human buildings, airship model, and battleship. I hope the models are...
  3. Male Blood Elf Archer - Available soon!

    Male Blood Elf Archer - Available soon!

    My first model!
  4. SentenceXx

    [HD/Modeling] Model Request Dwarven Battlecruiser

    Hello I need a model that looks like either the Battlecruiser from Starcraft 1 or 2 for my Warcraft project. However I want the model to look like that has some of the skin from Siege Engine or Flying Machine. Does anyone have that kind of model?
  5. Luan


    I'm totaly new in the World editor (starting to use on reforged) and I'm trying to transform maiev into her avatar form. I tried using metamorphosis editing the "data normal form unit" and the "data - alternate from unit" and did not work out. Also tried the bear form thing but when she uses the...
  6. Timoren

    MODEL REQUEST - Human Rifleman Hero

    As title says. For my rts zombie invasion map project. Hero similar to Asssssvi's Rifleman Lordaeron model could be alright. Human hero with a rifle (not wearing full plate, light or medium armour please).
  7. HeheSylvanas

    Night elf model/ skin requests! : )

    Hi guys, HeheSylvanas here! So, I've been wandering for a long time why no one has ever tried to update the night elf huntress model. It would be really nice to have an alternate skin/ model for them that still fits the night elf theme. Perhaps making their panthers look a bit better? Or adding...