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  1. LordHatchet95

    MiscData.txt: What to do today with it?

    Greetings everyone, LordHatchet95 here. So, I've been trying to get the "MiscData.txt" working, but lately I'm having problems doing so... I tried to search for answers but got none... So the only option for now is asking directly. What I need is detailed instructions about the file, meaning...
  2. Donut78

    [Solved] Disable Slope Limits in New Version?

    Unfortunately it seems the route of modifying the MiscData file in the old versions of the editor is no longer doable. I can't find a MiscData file anymore, and knowing modern day Blizzard, they probably stuck that resource somewhere out of public reach. :( Has anyone dug around enough to find...
  3. yvitaz

    Miscdata.txt doesn't work help me.

    Yet I've done EVERYthing google (mainly HIVE) would suggest me and nothing works. My goal : change floating text (gold/wood/bounty/critical...) without using trigger for smoother map running. But I'm sure I MUST be mistaking something even if I did them many times to be sure. Maybe one of you...
  4. Sheephunter

    [General] Changing lumber text to a different color

    Hi everyone, I want to change the floating lumber text to blue but I've not managed to do so. I've tried with the import UI/MiscData.txt into the map trick which should work according to many posts from other forums but all those threads are from 2007-2009 so they might be outdated. I've also...