1. Tigrick

    Hide the 'build menu' ability button (while retaining functionality)

    Hello! I want the button that opens the build menu to be hidden. I tried 3 methods, but they all failed: Editing "units/CommandFunc.txt" so that the Build Button's Position is 0,-11. The build button's position remained unchanged ingame. I tested the 0,-11 value for other buttons like move...
  2. Rykon-V73

    I screwed up the menu colors

    Yes, the text is fine, but in-game, just selecting anything makes the transparent color turn into that green color. Any idea how to fix it?
  3. apsyll

    Radial Menu (Special Effect)

    I look for someone who could make me a model of one piece of a radial menu for a 4, 6 and 8 piece menu. The look should be pretty simple like this ones: Thank you in advance.
  4. deepstrasz

    The Frozen Throne menu sea creature

    0:50-> (a little to the left from the Quit button). Can someone please extract that model and make a doodad out of it with its animations? If not, at least do you know any similar models? Thanks.