medieval villagers

  1. Edaryion

    🔍 Looking for 'Life of a Peasant' Maps

    👋🏻 Hello! I am looking for LOAP maps. 😁 LOAP is a niche genre of interesting roleplay maps, The first 'Life of a Peasant' maps are limited to a pre-built city, where you start off as a single hero unit & you choose how you play. However, what I am interested in is a sub-genre. You could...
  2. GabeValentine

    [Life of a Peasant] Medieval Villagers Open Source Project

    Medieval Villagers: Open Source Project       Progress Log LAST UPDATED 05/03/19 ____________________________________________________________________________________ Updated Map Description: You're a peasant, living in a dangerous medieval province. What will your story be? Become a champion...
  3. Sulfar

    Open Sourcing Medieval villagers

    Hello Hive, I'm the creator of Medieval villagers, some of you might know it. For those who don't its some kind of mash-up of LOAP, Werewolf Trans and Village Builder. The current situation is as follows: I don't really have time to develop maps for w3 anymore so I decided to make the source of...