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map editing

  1. Kadel

    [Solved] Change unit's attack animation on the passive skill

    Hello again, I read the threads on attack animations, and I have a couple of questions + about my situation... I created a custom blade master, that has pit lord's cleave instead of a critical strike. Cleave is a passive ability, and every time my blade master performs an attack, he uses Attack...
  2. Kadel

    [Solved] Why |n is displayable?

    Hello, I display the message for all players, that the way of enemies is approaching, and I want it to be always through an empty line. I use "|n" for this. In-game journal it displays correctly, but when I see the message in the left corner, it is with this "|n". How should I fix this?
  3. Kadel

    Making Feedback (Passive) working AoE.

    Hello there, and I have a new question (sort of typical). I have a hero with "Combat - Attack 1 - Weapon Type: Missile: Splash" and "Abilities - Normal: Feedback (SpellBreaker)". So I want this passive feedback to work AoE. But it does not. I created a custom ability based on the mentioned one...
  4. Xazmadan

    Outpost creep respawn

    ok so i need help with creep spawning for players but. It must work as outpost mechanic like corrupted mine of player 1 will spawn creep in n seconds, but if it destroyed over gold mine other player can build his outpost mine and it will spawn creeps for him, and i did not found any triggers for...
  5. W

    Map development phases and progresses of yours

    Just a casual thread but here you are, what is your mindset of developing your own map? Treating developing the map as fun in terms of thinking it as "modding it" rather than "hardly editing/developing it", or that "editing it with fun during your free time", editing the map with the holistic...