map creators for hire

  1. Varcklen

    Looking for a map developer to support the map

    Hello everyone. I've been working on the "Boss Battle" map for over four years now (including ~2 years on wc3 1.32). I'm planning on doing other projects and don't have the time to support multiple projects on my own. I'm looking for a map developer who can take over some of the work on the map...
  2. DrinkyCrow

    Looking for someone to create a map

    Hello everyone. I am new to the hive. I have had an idea for a rts like Warcraft 3 and a mmo type game. I’m looking to hire a programmer, artist, and whatever else is need to create a custom Warcraft 3 map similar to Dota. I can pay or will to set up a company to get this done. Inbox me for...