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looking for

  1. TastyBamboo

    HQ Pokemon Styled Mini PvP/PvE

    As I terrain, I wanted to make a natural feeling and simple map to serve as a guideline and to capture the vision of the landscape. Later I'll add a more complicated version that includes names, more towns and other primary features. Ready to challenge the Elite Four? The Pokemon League is a...
  2. izumii3

    [Arena] Looking for W3 Editor knowledgeable (CHESS)

    Hello, As stated in the topic - looking for a person who knows the world editor good enough to be able to create a simple arena style chess map for warcraft 3. I have ideas which i would like to share. Thank You for Your insight in advance and please forgive me if this is posted in the...
  3. repulsor

    Looking for my old favorite custom map, HELP please!

    Hi so im looking for my old favorite map, its a couple of years ago, but I’ll try my best to explain it! So it’s a “war” mode game and you have an option to choose to get waves instead of sending to each other, I think there were 4 teams, with 3-4 ppl on each team to defend the castle in the...
  4. denis318

    Northrend: The Aftermath - looking for Terrainer

    Greetings everyone, i'm an author of the "Northrend the Aftermath" map which has some similarities with the famous "Lordaeron The Aftermath". The work on this map started from modifying an old Harald's map "Rise of the Lich King", which i was granted permission to continue. Gameplay: This is a...