locust swarm

  1. Death Adder

    [General] Is Locust Swarm still hardcoded to add alternate animation?

    I've got this unit that has locust swarm, and its model also has alternate animations (morph), so whenever it uses Locust Swarm it transforms. Now this isn't that big of a deal on its own, since I can just remove the "alternate" tag with triggers whenever Locust Swarm is used. But the issue is...
  2. GrimSloth

    [Spell] Locust Swarm - Adding ability

    Hello, is it possible to grant units summoned via Locust Swarm an ability via a trigger? I don't want to give them the ability baseline, I want to give it upon casting locust swarm.
  3. AtivEnergy

    [Spell] Locust Swarm - spawn point missing

    Hi there:) I have a Druid of the Talon (Storm Crow Form) - Fly Unit When i cast this spell, the spawn point of the insects is on the ground while Druid(Crow Form) is in the air.. How i can set the spawn point wherever i want like in the origin of the unit or maybe the chest?