1. lolz

    Map Protection kicks some Players in Game Lobby

    Hello, I just recently finished working on my own TD, spend alot of time on it, so naturaly i protected the map so nobody can change it. But the following thing occurs: When hosting the map, some (but not all players) are kicked almost instantly after joining the map,im sure they are getting...
  2. Ricola3D

    Minimap: OK in map lists or lobbies, KO in game lists

    Hello, I have a strange issue. I have a custom minimap for my custom map Xnd Hero Siege (I imported a war3mapPreview.tga). At some places it displays OK; at other places it does not display: OK - Map lobby (when you wait players to join) OK - Map list (when you create a new game and look for...
  3. DrizztDoUrden

    Gaias Lobby Viewer

    I have made a tool cuz site lobby doesn't update itself. It also has several additional features such as notification when games with you starts or when there is some amount of players in lobby. Notification types implemented: Amount of players in lobby Game with specific player started...