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  1. WestTiger6

    Hero type limit only one per whole map amongst all players

    Hello! In the map I am making, I want to make the map to have only 1 type of hero. Like in DOTA if one player have already chosen a hero, non of the other players can choose the same hero, and they would have to choose from what is left.
  2. Tom_Almighty1

    World Editor Limits, What is PTR?

    Guys I've been trying to make complicated maps with GUI triggers, I've accomplished everything I wanted in this map except removing UI interface, I tried doing the letterbox mode with user control enabled which looks definitely awesome but it removes me from using my unit. I can still move the...
  3. Woodenplank

    Bypassing Tileset Limit - Which Tool?

    So I want to bypass the "13" tileset limit in my map. However, my ferociously defensive computer refuses to download World Editor Unlimited, and I haven't been able to make Newgen/JNGP work since 1.26. I normally use Sharpcraft, but it doesn't have a feature to extend tilesets. Any advice?
  4. mietek

    [General] Max number of variables/triggers in map

    1. I' m curious how many variables/local variables i can use in single map? 2. How many unique triggers/functions i can possess or use at once? I saw topic that one guy get crash when he used 2000 of function calls. I've seen benchmark threads about integers and diffrences in speed in usage...
  5. 13lack_Ro$e

    Custom map size limit {solved}

    Hi all. In a map that I'm working on , I'd like to have a lot of high quality models , but the problem is the size of the map is getting big (average size of high quality models is 2 MB per model) so is there a limit for a Warcraft map size ? How much is that limit? 15 MB?20?30? Also is there a...