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  1. Lordul Dracula

    [Solved] Limited Summon trigger

    Hello so i want to make a skill for a basic unit (Ex:Footman) that will summon 1 unit. This skill will let you summon max 3 units after that you will get an error message. The problem with my trigger is that will not keep the track when that summoning will die. If i have 2 footman and i summoned...
  2. Knight of Arsford

    [General] Marketplace and Limited Stock Items

    How does the Marketplace work exactly? I know that it cycles items every now and then, and when you buy the item, it disappears. I'm planning on making an RPG that has a shop that randomly stocks items, as I don't want players just having several copies of an item and making themselves...
  3. SNIper of DARKness

    Red Orchestra 2 Free for 26-27 May 2017

    You can get Red Orchestra 2 and it's japan expansion here for FREE Buy Rising Storm Game of the Year Edition from the Humble Store