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  1. KitsuneTailsPrower

    [vJASS] edit: Seems to be solved. Will repost if not Retro (Time rewind) variant causes progressivly worse lag

    edit: I've seemingly solved my issue: it seems to have been an unrelated bug Hello fellow modders, I am having an issue which I suspect is caused by one of the following libraries. As the title says, something about these two code snippets is causing lag that gets progressivly worse as the...
  2. Anton Wulff Jensen

    [General] How do I reduce lag on my map (Especially during combat)?

    So I've been working a long time on a huge RPG adventure map, and have started using a lot of triggers as well. I think I'm finally getting somewhat of a grip on the trigger-mechanics, however I am not too keen with what triggers that potentially could cause lag-spikes. Now when I'm testing the...
  3. HerlySQR

    Editor gets lagged

    I know the map I making can lag, but why the editor?
  4. Cheshire

    [General] Maximum suggested import file size

    Hey there, I've read some stuff on the site about trying to keep your map file small and not going overboard in terms of imports. I was wondering how much is too much given today's version of the game and computing today in general. The maps I'm working on are altered melee, so should be...
  5. Dustuhala

    Really old map lagging. Probably memory leaks. Warcraft version 1.26

    Hello, I have been a longtime stalker of this beautiful website which helped me ALOT during the years. Much praise! My problem is the following: I have a map (very very old one) which I still play to this day. When I play it with my friends, it works perfectly. When I add 1-2-3 AIs max, it...
  6. ZeroGravity

    My map is lagging hard and I need help

    I feel like my map is lagging too much even when there's so little enemies. I think it may be cause of damage detection system but I'm not sure. I already did what Bribe (damage detection system creator) asked me to do but it seemed to not working out at all. I think it comes from other...