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  1. Ian The Red

    [SD/Modeling] A more classic looking Kul'tiras footman?

    I really enjoy Asssssvi's take on the Kul'tiran footman but their style deviates a bit too much from classic warcraft for me to use the model, was wondering if anyone wanted to take a crack at making something similar in a more classic style? The model in question:
  2. Sxar

    Kultiras Hope (Introduction to Calia's Campaign)

    Well you know I love lower characters of the Lore and I found one that's maybe the MOST forgoten characters of all: I'm talking about Finall Goldensword, she's a half elf-human, bastard of Daelin Proudmoore. Even Metzen claim he dosn't care the character xD but now there's the intresting part of...