1. ComeWithMe

    Warcraft 3 TFT 1.26a HotKeys Binding

    Hi there. I wrote a launcher for Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne game that makes minimal checks for unwanted cheat files in the game directory, sets the path to the game and launches the game. I also implemented a kind of buttons for hotkey bindings of inventory and hero skills. When you click on the...
  2. JC Helas

    [Jass]Keyboard WSA&D/Movement W&S

    //********************************************************************************************* //* //* Keyboard WSA&D v1.0.1 //* //* You can now aware if a player has pressed and released the //* key W,S,A and D in a very fast way. //* //* API //* //* WSAD_W[Player Id] == if true the...
  3. BrianBarsaski

    I need a dynamic keyboard-attack and shoot system.

    I am doing a multiplayer Hero Arena map, where each hero has its own and unique abilities. But I don't want a typical right-click and automatic attack. I have a Arrow Key Movement system. So, I want some heroes attack other heroes in front of them with pressing a button, without select anything...