jungle trolls

  1. Horde Heroes

    Horde Heroes

    - Beastmaster (Summons Worg / Boar / eagle) - Tauren Chieftain - Shadow Hunter (Summons: Snake totem) - Blademaster (Splits into: Storm, Earth and Fire aspects) - Far Seer (Summons: Feral Spirits)
  2. UHSFA: The Horde

    UHSFA: The Horde

  3. Kyrbi0

    [WIP] Jungle Troll Racial Shop - 'Ritual Circle'

    (Lol, I only just recently realized I could use this forum for my own stuff.) Credits go primarily to @supertoinkz for the original model (link?), it was already almost exactly what I needed so I don't think I've done enough (yet, at least) to warrant an upload. FactionJungle Trolls...