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  1. DutchKroket

    Builder displacement

    Hei! I currently need some help with a problem I have and I hope to find it here. The problem is that my workers keep teleporting over the trees. Worker: Is an human worker but has the undead race. Building: Is a human farm but has the night elf race. Is there an easy fix for this?
  2. HerlySQR

    Do you have ideas to improve this system? 2

    Hello, I'm have another system, that is a Jump System based on the Paladon's Jump System, but this includes horizontal curvature, I know that there can be better systems, but I still wanna share this I hear what things I can improve. //Jump System based on the Paladon's Jump System //If you use...
  3. NelsonLaJe

    Spell GUI Trigger Jump Healing

    Hello Hive, I would like a spell that jumps to other targets It would work like that You use it cures a target in Let's assume 75HP (Instant) and would heal more 100 for a few seconds like 2 or 3sec (HoT) and thereafter would jump to the closest allied target Repeats the process and would jump...
  4. Honey Badger Preview

    Honey Badger Preview

    A custom model that I plan to upload soon -- as soon as I finish the version with custom texture. It's supposed to be a large transport aircraft that can also use jumpjets to take off vertically. Name still not final...
  5. 13lack_Ro$e

    Is there any GUI system for in-place jump? {solved}

    Hello hive , as the title says , I need a GUI system which can cause units to jump and go up until they reach a X height and then , land back at the same position they currently are on. Unfortunately AFAIK , Paladon's wont do this since if target point and caster point is same , the unit won't...
  6. NightStalker

    Current Animations or a new one?

    Heya!! I've got a very good animated model. So I want a add a roll system into my map which is pretty similar to the one in DS(Dark Souls) series, which would allow the user to avoid incoming attacks. What I need for this is a good roll animation though. In my model there is a jump animation...
  7. Oziris

    Jumping ability

    How can i make a trigger when players click space(it dosent have to be space)ther hero jumps?