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  1. w1919

    How to use JCASC

    How to use JCASC ? Java CASC library Which software should I install ? How to execute it on Windows ? How to extract War3 Casc ? Need a total guide
  2. Bayrak

    decrypt a jar file

    Hello all, I have a messy jar file that wasted a lot of my time to decompile it before I know that it is encrypted. can anyone help me to know what type of encryption does this file have?
  3. TheLordOfChaos201

    [Development] Two Java Games

    Well a very famous hiver( @pyf ) suggested I upload these two games I created. I don't have much to say about them since they were both created by someone else before me, I just recreated them for my own use and for the entertainment. I hope you equally enjoy them and maybe come back here to...
  4. CampScouter

    [C++, C and Java] Need some tutorials and help

    I need some tutorials and help from these 3 programming languages but I wanna learn C++ first because I need it for my future. xD Robotics needs this language specially ARDUINO. Please help me dudes :)
  5. Paultaker

    RPN Square Root

    Hello guys, I'm studying java and I recently discovered the RPN, I was wondering how do add a square root in an RPN? EDIT: Figured it out XD hehe EDIT: I THOUGHT I FIGURED IT OUT help How do I evaluate unary operators?