jass spells

  1. TheFireMage

    [JASS] Globals error

    Hello there, I thank you for taking a look at this thread and help me to solve problems. I am copying a dash spell template made by sniper_zero. When I first tested the map, it works fine. But when I copied to it my map and saved it, I got errors with globals from map header. I already got rid...
  2. Nasenhaar

    [Spell] casting single target spell on multiple targets

    Hey guys! I only just started learning JASS following some tutorials on this site (probs to all the creators). Now I am trying to create a custom spell, it is supposed to be a howl that decreases armor, movement speed and attack speed of all enemy units in a certain radius around the caster. My...
  3. Oppression

    Need help with custom coding

    Im not new to triggers, but Im very new to custom script. I know this might have been discussed before, but I struggled to find it, sorry for inconvenience. So, for the question. I created dummy for channel spell, have custom script to cast ability but I cant figure out how to encode target...
  4. TheBigMetalHandInTheSky

    [Spell] Every x Seconds of Game Time in JASS

    I am familiar with the "Every x Seconds of Game Time" in GUI, but not Jass. How would I replicate this system into my Jass Spell? Note: for my spell, I'm making it so every 1 second of game time, a unit gets healed (until the timer runs out)
  5. kazenokage

    [JASS] Detecting Front Angle of a Unit

    I want to detect the front angle of a unit because I am making a custom unit cast a custom carrion swarm through triggers and I want it to be in jass P.S: I am a noob in jass. I have attached a part of the trigger (Capture.png) it is in GUI first. I want the angle detection. :D
  6. Tzalksar

    JASS tutorial video? (Spell-making)

    Hello. As the title says, I would like someone to create a TUTORIAL video for JASS, but not just the code itself, but more-so the spell-making process. Although I already know that there are many videos like this, I would like someone to go through a tutorial of JASS in a VIDEO, moseso than...